"Want A Small Septic Tank?"
Half The Height - Half The Price
Only 3 Feet Tall. Only £299

Ideal For Mobile Homes, Stables, Glamping
Shepherd Huts, Work Shops e.t.c

"Want To Install A Septic Tank In 1 Hour?"
"Unlike Most Other Septic Tanks, These Low Profile Septic Tanks
Can Be Installed In Just 1 Hour With No Concrete"
"Want To Install A Soakaway In 1 Hour?"
"Unlike The Old Herringbone Style Soakaways, These Building Regs
Soakaway Kits Can Be Installed In Half The Time At Half The Cost"
Easy Drain.
"Gravel Free Soakaway Pipes"
Septic Tank Soakaway Crates
Simple. Cheap. Quick And Easy To Install