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[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” ]Do I need to contact Building Control or the Environment Agency before I install, repair or replace the septic tank or soakaway?[/box][box type=”success” ]

If the septic tank and soakaway was installed more than 15 years then the answer is NO

The Environment Agency and UK Building Regulations class any work to update, repair or replace an existing septic tank or soakaway as a ‘modification’, and can be replaced like for like. However any work carried out by yourself or a contractor must be done responsibly, and must not pose a pollution risk to the surrounding environment or any water courses.

If the septic tank or soakaway was installed less than 15 years ago then any work carried out has to be compliant with certain requirements as set out in section H of the current Building Regulations.

For more information and free advice then please contacts on 0800 907 0051.

[/box][box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” ]Are Soakaway Crates Approved By Building Regs?[/box][box type=”success” ]YES. Section H Of UK Building Regulations section 1.4 States:

“soakaways can consist of different materials, as long as biological treatment takes place in the soil”

Section H Of UK Building Regulations section 1.39 States:

“soakaways should be designed and constructed to ensure aerobic contact between the liquid effluent and the subsoil.”

Soakaway crates that are installed in the topsoil legally meet this requirement.

All Soakaway Crates Conform To Section H of the UK Building Regulations.

In some cases however ground conditions may not be favourable, such as your property may be situated in a hollow, valley or flood plain. In this instance a percolation may be recommended.[/box][box type=”info” ]Why do some websites say soakaway crates are not approved?[/box][box type=”success” ]

We find that some companies have an agenda to sell you their products based on misinformation and scare tactics.

Others we find are well meaning, but are just not up to date with current building regulations, methods and products.

Section H of the UK building regulations is the authority on septic tank and soakaway construction and installation.

Over the last 15 years we have protected many customers from misinformation.

For Free Advice And Information Call Us On 0800 907 0051.  [/box]


Soakaway Crates

Free Membrane Soakaway Crates

Soakaway Crates

If you are considering replacing or upgrading your existing septic tank and soakaway, or maybe you are considering installing a new sewage system then you couldn’t have decided a better time to do it. 

Technology has moved on at such a pace the last few years has seen incredible changes in the world of technology regarding soakaway materials, construction and products. 


What Are Soakaway Crates And How Do They Work?

When you first see a soakaway crate you could be forgiven for thinking you are looking at a milk crate.  But soakaway crates had their humble origins about 10 years ago to make soakaway pits more effective at holding and discharging water into the soil.

As we have already seen, when you dig a pit in the ground you have a 100% cavity. When you fill a pit back in with gravel or rubble the cavity is then reduced from 100% to 10-15% of its original size.   A small cavity is no use for wastewater to drain into especially if you get large surges of waste water entering the pit in quick succession. Soakaway crates change all that.

The way that soakaway crates work is really simple.   Soakaway crates are designed to be installed in the topsoil.  Topsoil offers is the best drainage percolation on the planet and is the perfect place to construct a soakaway, and because of this you do not need to carry out a percolation test before installing soakaway crates.

By digging a shallow pit or trench and filling them with soakaway crates you retain around 90% of the original cavity.  This allows heavy influxes and surges of water to enter them, whilst at the same time allowing the water to drain away into the soil at a consistent and moderate rate.

Each soakaway crate holds 300 litres of wastewater, and are designed for small to medium size gardens.  

Soakaway Crates







Once the soakaway crates are in the hole simply cover them with membrane. Membrane stops soil and silt working there way into the soakaway crates, but at the same time allows waste water to drain through it into the soil.



Once the soakaway crates are covered in membrane simply backfill and cover over with soil.


Soakaway Crates

Free Membrane Soakaway Crates

How Many Soakaway Crates Do I Need For My Septic Tank Soakaway?

At we have made finding the right soakaway very easy. We have made  choosing the right soakaway kit for your needs easy.  

Each soakaway crate kit are specifically designed for the number of bedrooms your property has. For example, if you have a 4 bedroom property then you would need a 4 bedroom property soak way crate kit. 

This type of soakaway design has a typical lifespan of 80-120 years.

To see the right septic tank soakaway kit for you, please visit our shop below.






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